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About the Work

Diane's work has evolved from her love of horses and antiques. She used leather chaps, straps and bridles when she trained and rode horses. When her chaps became worn, she made a new pair using an antique sewing machine.

Soon she was making and and repairing chaps for other riders. She then began to study how other leather items were made, such as leather bottles and fire buckets; with this, she began to expand her skills. 

On her antiquing expeditions, she collects vintage leathermaking tools that she uses in her historical leather handcrafting. 

She also specializes in antique sleigh bells that can be displayed on a door or wall in your home and office, adding warmth and charm. Diane scours antique shops, flea markets and auctions for antique sleigh bells, handcrafting a set that has its own distinctive sound of the past.

Please note that Diane never destroys antique works to obtain materials for the creation of new works.  

Diane enjoys working with leather because of its warmth, beauty, and unique markings and variations. Every item she makes is crafted by hand using the same tools that were used centuries ago.

She starts with top quality natural leather, imported from the United Kingdom. She works with the prime section of the hide, cutting the leather in the direction that provides maximum durability and strength. Using an antique stitching horse, she hand stitches each item with two needles. This process takes time, but it ensures a lasting and durable product. Only solid brassware is used in her pieces. She then polishes and finishes each item using beeswax and other natural products.

Diane crafts these fine leather items:

  • Sleigh Bell Straps
  • All strap goods
  • Reenactment leather goods
  • Dog collars and leashes
  • Belts
  • Fire buckets (required for homes during the 1800s, now beautiful storage pieces)
  • Leather covered bottles
  • Leather baskets

Diane will make any order to meet your specifications, as long as she has the leather and hardware in stock. She also repairs leather items of all kinds as long as she has the right tools for the job.

For more information, contact Diane at 603-964-8821 or dlpleather@aol.com

Diane Louise Paul | PO Box 1102 | North Hampton, NH 03862